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St Martin by Looe Parish Council
Nomansland Memorial Hall

Meetings, Agendas & Minutes

The Parish Council generally meets on the first Thursday of each month apart from August when there is no meeting. Parish and Planning Meetings are held in the No Man's Land Memorial Hall. Members of the public are invited to attend but are requested to give prior notification to the Parish Clerk so that appropriate Covid safe measures can be put in place prior to the meeting. The Clerk, Charles Hyde can be contacted by phone on 07763 364809. Occasionally dates and time may change so please check this page of the website or with Charles before hand.

Members of the public can speak to the council about an agenda item by giving the clerk notice of their intention prior to the day of meeting. All requests from memebers of the public should be submitted in writing or using the Contact form to the Clerk at least 48 hours before the meeting. This will enable the Parish Council to consider the request and respond accordingly. Failure to contact the Clerk may result in the request to speak being refused. Time for those wishing to speak will be allotted either at the start of the meeting or during the meeting at the Chair’s discretion.


Date Comment Agenda Minutes Reports
07/12/2023Agenda 07/12/2023Minutes 07/12/2023
02/11/2023Agenda 02/11/2023Minutes 02/11/2023
05/10/2023Agenda 05/10/2023Minutes 05/10/2023
31/08/2023Agenda 31/08/2023Minutes 31/08/2023
06/07/2023Agenda 06/07/2023Minutes 06/07/2023
01/06/2023Agenda 01/06/2023Minutes 01/06/2023
04/05/2023Annual Parish Council & Parish Council MeetingAgenda 04/05/2023Minutes 04/05/2023
06/04/2023Annual Parish Meeting & Parish Council MeetingAgenda 06/04/2023Minutes 06/04/2023
02/03/2023Agenda 02/03/2023Minutes 02/03/2023
02/02/2023Agenda 02/02/2023Minutes 02/02/2023
05/01/2023Agenda 05/01/2023Minutes 05/01/2023

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