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St Martin by Looe Parish Council

Planning Applications

As part of the planning process the Parish Council are 'consultees' for all planning applications within the Parish.  The Cornwall Council website  describes this role in more detail and includes a good summary of how the planning process works in Cornwall and nationally. Details of all planning applications in Cornwall and related information can be accessed using the Cornwall Council's Online Planning Register.

The planning applications for St Martin-By-Looe Parish are listed below together with the dates of the Parish meeting at which they were or will be reviewed, the Parish Councils Recommendation, and the subsequent Planning Authority decision or current status. Clicking on the Application Ref in the left hand column will take you to the summary page for the application on the Cornwall Council website. If the PC meeting date in the table below does not coincide with a published Parish meeting date then the PC recommendation will have been or will be discussed at a seperate planning meeting or agreed by email and phone to meet planning deadlines.

Application No Address/Details PC Meeting when application considered Parish Council's Response CC Decision
PA24/02482Brambles Kellow Looe Cornwall PL13 1LE13/06/2024Awaiting DecisionAwaiting Decision
PA24/01624Tregoad Holiday Park St Martin by Looe. Looe Cornwall4th April 2024Recommended ApprovalAwaiting Decision
PA24/01461The Oaks Holiday Park. Bucklawren Road, St Martin by Looe4th April 2024 and 1st May 2024.Recommend RefusalAwaiting Decision
PA24/01728Tregoad Caravan and Camping Park, St Martin by Looe. PL13 1PB4th April 2024. Decision made by delegated authority prior to meeting. Recommended ApprovalAwaiting Decision
PA23/08498Looe Country Park Caravan And Campsite Bucklawren Road No Mans Land Looe Cornwall PL13 1QS2nd November 2023Recommended ApprovalApproved
PA23/05732Tregoad Caravan and Camping Park St Martins Looe31st August 2023Recommended ApprovalApproved with Conditions
PA23/06518Land South of Penvith Cottage, St Martin by Looe31/08/2023N/AApproved with Conditions
PA23/06549Land south of Polborder House. Looe Country Park.31/08/2023Recommended ApprovalWithdrawn
PA23/05513Barn at Keveral Manor31/08/2023Recommended ApprovalApproved with Conditions
PA23/05635Tregoad Caravan and Camping ParkDelegated decision during Summer recessRecommended ApprovalApproved
PA23/01183Kilmartin, Millendreath, Looe, Cornwall.6/4/23Recommend RefusalApproved
Pa22/10024Looe Country Park Caravan And Campsite Bucklawren Road Nomansland Looe Cornwall PL13 1QS Creation of 26 high end lodges with 5 existing static caravan plots remaining with associated landscape enhancements and parking 2/3/2023Recommended ApprovalApproved
PA22/10693Application for Lawful Development Certificate for an Existing use - residential use. Location: 95 Hillside Villas Millendreath Holiday Village Millendreath Looe Cornwall PL13 1PF. 5/1/23Recommended ApprovalApproved
PA23/00111Non-material amendment to decision PA22/07851 dated 25.10.2022 for alterations to the first floor balcony, the inclusion of a second floor balcony, alterations to internal floor layouts, alterations to rooflight sizes and PV Panel locations, alteration to second floor bathroom window position and alteration to oriel window on side elevation. Additional oriel window to kitchen on side elevation. Window to ground floor en suite bathroom moved to side elevation. Windows and rear door added to garage. Kilmartin Millendreath Looe Cornwall PL13 1NY 2/2/23Recommended ApprovalWithdrawn
PA23/10846Erection of 1 cabin comprising of new facilities for Scoops. Looe Bay Holiday Park. St Martin by Looe.2/2/23Recommended ApprovalApproved
PA22/08425Barn At Keveral Manor St Martin Looe Cornwall PL13 1PA. Prior Approval for conversion of agricultural building to residential dwelling under permitted development.N/AN/AApproved as Permitted Development
PA22/07851Kilmartin Road From The B3253 At Four Winds To Millendreath Millendreath Cornwall PL13 1NY. Proposed new house and new detached garage6/10/22Recommend RefusalApproved with Conditions
PA22/05498Tregoad Holiday Park St Martin Looe PL13 1PB. Non-material amendment (NMA3) in relation to decision PA17/05024 dated 30.08.2017 - please refer to Planning Statement14/7/22Recommended ApprovalApproved
PA22/03723Kilmartin Road From The B3253 At Four Winds To Millendreath Millendreath Cornwall PL13 1NY. Proposed two storey house and garage - withdrawn, replaced by PA22/07851 above5/5/22N/AWithdrawn
PA22/02994Agricultural Building (Part Of Keverall Manor) Southshore Seaton Torpoint Cornwall PL11 3FE.The siting of an agricultural livestock building. Related application below PA21/0154128/4/22 (Deviock PC)Recommend RefusalRefused
PA22/02422St Uny No Mans Land Looe Cornwall PL13 1QP. Extension and alterations to house7/4/22Recommended ApprovalApproved with Conditions
PA22/00073Bay View Farm Camping Site St Martin Looe Cornwall PL13 1NZ.Temporary change of use for 1 year of an existing static caravan from holiday use to residential use for a site manager without compliance with condition 1 of decision PA20/05737 dated 07.01.2021.13/1/22Recommended ApprovalApproved with Conditions
PA21/121506 Bucklawren Road Nomansland Looe Cornwall PL13 1QS.Certificate of lawfulness for existing residential outbuildings to north of house13/1/22Recommend RefusalApproved
PA21/11900Tregoad Holiday Park St Martin Looe PL13 1PB.Non-material amendment (NMA3) to change layout in respect of decision PA14/04703.2/12/21Recommended ApprovalApproved
PA21/089386 Bucklawren Road Nomansland Looe Cornwall PL13 1QS.Two storey extension to house7/10/21Recommend RefusalRefused
PA21/06329Field At Bokenver St Martin Cornwall. Retrospective permission for the Change of use of land for mixed use agriculture and tourist accommodation from 1st April to 31st October. To include the siting of a camping pod, and the erection of a toilet and shower.9/9/21Recommend RefusalApproved with Conditions
PA21/07075Penvith Cottage St Martin Looe Cornwall PL13 1NZ.Removal of condition 5 of decision 596/1043/F dated 09/12/1996 Conversion and extension of piggery into two holiday units2/9/21Recommended ApprovalApproved
PA21/06975Penhale St Martin Looe Cornwall PL13 1PA. Non material amendment to change from roof lights (front of roof) to chickett windows (Application number PA20/10283 dated 13th January 2021 relates) 16/7/21Recommended ApprovalApproved
PA21/06885Tregoad Caravan And Camping Park St Martin Looe Cornwall PL13 1PB.Non material amendment (2) to change the layout (Application PA14/04703 dated 16th October 2014 relates) 13/7/21Recommended ApprovalApproved
PA21/05583Trezelah Road From The B3253 At Four Winds To Millendreath Millendreath PL13 1NY.Single storey front extension and raised patio.1/7/21Recommended ApprovalApproved with Conditions
PA21/02388Land East Of Strata Millendreath Cornwall PL13 1NY. Erection of a 4 Bedroom Split Level Self Build House.Single storey front extension and raised patio1/7/21Recommended ApprovalApproved with Conditions
PA21/04575Black Rock Cafe Millendreath Holiday Village Millendreath Looe Cornwall PL13 1PE.Temporary siting of a portable building for use as a Cafe/Bar (A3 Use Class) for a further 3 years.10/6/21Recommended ApprovalApproved with Conditions
PA21/03624Certificate of lawfulness for residential use | 102 Hillside Villas Millendreath Holiday Village Millendreath Looe Cornwall PL13 1PF13/5/21Recommended ApprovalApproved
PA21/03526Looe Country Park Caravan And Campsite Bucklawren Road Nomansland Looe PL13 1QS. Variation of condition 2 of decision 5/74/0760 dated 4th November 1974 (Change of planning permission to 31 touring caravans, motorised vans and tents and 5 static (letting) caravans) to allow not more than 16 static vans. | Looe Country Park Caravan And Campsite Bucklawren Road Nomansland Looe PL13 1QS13/5/21Recommended ApprovalWithdrawn
PA21/00007/NDPPlan Proposal and Strategic Environmental Assesment submitted for Looe Neighbourhood Development Plan. | Looe Cornwall13/5/21Recommended ApprovalAwaiting Decision
PA21/00846Kilmartin Millendreath Looe Cornwall PL13 1NY. Conversion of a house into two flats and a two storey front extension (resubmission of application PA20/00591)1/4/21Recommend RefusalApproved with Conditions
PA21/01858Keveral Farm St Martin Looe Cornwall PL13 1PA. Prior notification of an open fronted monopitch agricultural barn.N/AN/AApproved as Permitted Development
PA21/01541Keveral Barton Manor St Martin Looe Cornwall PL13 1PA. Prior Notification of Agricultural storage building for machinery and hayN/AN/AApproved as Permitted Development